New Product LSOC-D Inclinometer from Sherborne Sensors

New Product Spotlight: The LSOC-D – Sherborne Sensors

Sherborne Sensors proudly introduces the new LSOC-D Servo series sensor. Our team created the LSOC-D following frequent client requests for a LSOC Servo Inclinometer (with connector connection) with an integrated display. The original LSOC and digital display combination required two separate power supplies; one for the inclinometer and one for the display. The new LSOC-D simplifies this challenge by utilizing only one power supply that power both units; the display supplying the power to the inclinometer.

Suitable for a range of applications, one application where this solution is successfully implemented involves bridge bearing monitoring.  Prior to the LSOC-D, any LSOC sensor installed for bridge bearing monitoring had to be removed and set back annually for a functional check and, if required, a re-calibration. With the release of the LSOC-D, our clients easily mount a secondary inclinometer onto an existing LSOC and get an instant confirmation of that units’ performance by comparing the measurements of both units by providing quick, precise and reliable results.

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