(Gas Regulators)

High Purity Gas Control Equipment

        In the field of High Purity Gas Control Equipments we provide high purity pressure gas regulators and equipments which work in the purity range of upto 6.0 (ie 99.9999 vol% purity) with automated purge gas system for corrosivve gases and gas mixtures.

Cylinder pressure regulator

      Cylinder Stations PN 200/300 bar
      Line Pressure regulator
      Point use regulator
       Diaphragm dosage and shut-off valves
      Point use systems for cartridge pressure regulators

Industrial Gas Control Equipment

        In the field of Industrial pressure gas technology, we provide fittings for technical gases which includes types of pressure regulators and various gas technology equipments. Our strength is the production of complex pressure regulators including the leak test with a test certificate. In addition to standard devices in many variants, we also provide customized equipments according to your wishes.

Central Gas supply

      Point Use Stations
      Cylinder pressure Regulators 30bar to 400bar
      Cylinder pressure regulators up to 16bar
       Line Pressure regulator Dome pressure regulator
       Precision pressure regulator
       Shut off and dosage valves
       Wall mounting brackets