X-RAY & VACUUM TUBES: - SCT offers its experience and technical know-how for High Performance projects including astute and competitive ceramic-to-metal brazing solutions for improved X-ray tube technology.New generations of CTI(Computed Tomography Imaging) request higher scan power, maximum rotation speed, shorter cool down times and smaller focal spots, without compromise on resolution and image quality. We assist our customers in technology evolution: from conventional glass to highly optimized ceramic-to-metal components. SCT Ceramics is a world leading manufacturer of ceramic-to-metal seals in X-ray diagnostic imaging.

Applications: - Ceramic X-ray Tube Insulators / Brazed Anodes & Cathodes / Medical CT scan / X-ray Inspection / Power X-ray.

CERAMIC TO METAL BONDING : - Ceramic-to-metal bonding insures high temperature resistance for long-life products.Approved materials developed by SCT have been used in aircraft engines since the 80, which are nowadays qualified on A380 and B787.For advanced ceramics components used in high corrosive environments, we havedeveloped a non-corrosive brazing process for this entire product.Wemanufacture hermetic assemblies for high vacuum applications and several SCT components have been in space since 1980.

Applications:-Satellite battery covers / Sensor components & housings / Brazed Sapphire viewports / Ignition systems / Aerospace.

CERAMIC TO METAL SEAL : - SCT Ceramics has developed ceramics to metal seal solutions specially designed for analytical instrumentation. We provide top quality advanced ceramics materials adapted to this high precision and technical field. Discover the benefits of the SCT ceramic materials in analytical instrumentation.

Applications:- Accelerator tubes / Brazed columns / HV Ceramic Feedthroughs / High Current Feedthoughs / Brazed Isolators / Ceramic breaks / Electrical Ceramic Isolators / Filament support

METALIZED CEAMICS : - Metallized ceramics provides high-quality products for the defence field. Discover our metallizing solutions for defence and pyrotechnic industries. We have high quality metallized rings for brazed night vision systems used for Defence. We have developed in house a specific metallizing MoMn paints adapted to each ceramic material for optimum ceramics to metal bonding conditions. We do 100% inspection of metallizing and plating thickness with X-Ray fluorescence thickness tester to cross check the quality.

Applications:- Metallized rings for night vision equipment / Image Intensifier tubes / Pyrotechnics / Sapphire-to-metal brazed assemblies / Defence

HIGH TEMPERATURE CERAMICS : - For high energy projects, all high-reliability and engineering requirements have to be considered for high precision, RF environment and non-magnetic materials. Our customized ceramics materials are used in Liquid Helium, Cryogenics and Ultra-high Vacuum (UHV).For CERN LHC machine, we manufacture more than 1650 cover flanges for cryo-magnets, each equipped by 37 hermetic ceramic-to-metal feed through.Capability ofmanufacturing large dimensions product, for high temperature ceramics with length up to 800mm and diameter up to 500mm.

Applications:- Ceramic chambers / Cryogenic feedthroughs / RF components / Coupler windows / Pick-up Antenna / Brazed Sapphire viewports / HV feedthroughs

HERMETIC CERAMICS : - To respond to increasing technical requirements in the industrial field, SCT manufactures hermetic ceramic to metal brazed assemblies for applications where glass to metal seals has reached their limits. Unlike the glass-to-metal seals, our ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies resist successfully to high temperature, high pressure, high voltage, high vacuum, corrosive environments, etc.

Applications:- Electronic Tubes / Fiber optic connectors / Industrial Laser / Power Energy / High power X-ray / Power feedthroughs / Ceramic feedthroughs / Pressure & Temperature sensors / Porous alumina for specific applications.

BIO COMPATIBLE CERAMICS : - Since early 2008, SCT invests in a new business unit exclusively dedicated to medical implants applications. SCT hermetic housings and feedthroughs available for medical implant applications are manufactured with biocompatible materials: biocompatible ceramics, biocompatible metallizing and brazing materials, and biocompatible metal components.

Biocompatible isolators: High purity Aluminas, Zirconia and Ruby

Biocompatible metallizing: TiH2 and TiNb

Biocompatible brazing materials: Gold